Kumu Galang

Tomorrow marks a big day in my journey as an educator. I am ecstatic to begin teaching elementary technology at Kamehameha schools Hawaii Campus. Making the mighty move from Michigan to Hawaii went smoothly. I am acclimated and ready to hit the ground running. I am already learning having only been here for one week. “Kumu” means “teacher” in Hawaiian.

I am looking forward to working with all elementary students. The faculty and staff are so welcoming and campus is a beautiful place. I especially look forward to working with @edtechcarmen and @elliemellie. Unknowingly, I connected with them on twitter prior to establishing myself at Kamehameha Schools. It is crazy to me that I can now call them both my colleagues. So let’s back up a bit…

How did I connect with @elliemellie? I watch a podcast show on augmented reality, Two Guys and Some iPads. She was mentioned on the show one day and I decided to follow her. I knew she was an educator from Hawaii, but had no idea that she worked for Kamehameha Schools.

Being the EdCamp “junkie” that I am, I was exploring EdCamps across the country. I found that there was #EdCampHI and of course I was curious to know more. Noticing that @edtechcarmen had many things to say about #EdCampHI I decided to follow her and found that she worked for Kamehameha Schools. So why did that catch my eye? My cousin, Rod Floro, lives in Hawaii and works for Kamehameha Schools. I began to wonder if they knew each other, come to find out they did. It’s a small world after all!

Teaching somewhere new has always been a personal teaching goal of mine. I am excited for the challenges and learning to come. Stay tuned for more on Kumu Galang’s teaching adventures!


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