All Ideas Start Small

Today, I came up with the grand idea of remixing the exit ticket.  This idea did not just come out of thin air.  It all started yesterday when I recorded a quick video on my iPad (18 seconds to be exact).  So let me tell you the story…

Once upon a time, there was a technology teacher who had 256 students.  She was used to having about 20.  The transition from being a classroom teacher to a specials teacher was sure going to be a journey.  However, it didn’t seem too intimidating since she used to manage uniforms for a marching band of 300.  But, this Michigan native had to learn 256 HAWAIIAN names.  One day, she decided to line one of her classes up and record them reciting their names.  That way she could replay the video to practice putting the name to the face.

Alright, enough with the cheesy storytelling.  In all seriousness, I’m writing this blogpost to share my idea with the world.

I filmed one of my second grade classes yesterday reciting their names.  It was a completely last minute idea that popped into my head as I was wrapping up class.  I realized that I still had some students who I didn’t know their name.  The video was solely purposed for my learning so that I could put a name to the face. Then I thought, wait a minute, this could have a greater purpose.

Fast forward to today.  I did the same thing with another one of my second grade classes, but this time I wanted more meat in the video. I had them say their name and then say their favorite thing they learned. After playing back the video, something just clicked. I thought to myself, OH MY GOSH….why not remix exit tickets into an exit video?!  This benefits not just the teacher but the kids too, which is the ultimate reason we are here. We are here for the kids.

This is a list of benefits I got out of recording my videos:

  • Kids were motivated to clean up and line up because they wanted to be in the video.
  • I told the kids we only had time for one take.  It kept them on their toes and they gave it their all.
  • I have documentation of each students takeaways at the end of class.
  • It got every student talking in front of their peers, even the quiet ones.
  • Students were listening to what everyone else had to say.
  • I modeled video skills for my students.
  • We can revisit our exit videos later on.

This SUPER QUICK video served multiple purposes!

Being able to go back and replay old exit tickets could be so powerful. We could revisit old exit videos.  Then I thought, what a great way to introduce video making AND we could “glue” all of our short exit videos together at the end of the year to recap our learning. Then wow… I realized my silly small idea, wasnʻt such a silly small idea. All ideas start small. This is definitely something that I plan on implementing in my classes moving forward the rest of the school year. Let’s remix the exit ticket!





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