Month: November 2014

Presentations, Flyers, and Tech! Oh my!

Short and sweet this week…

Smore is a great website where you can create flyers, share them, and get feedback.  Great for events, assignments, or newsletters.

Emaze is a presentation tool that is easy to use with professionally designed templates.  Can be used on an iPad or computer.  My favorite feature is the automatic translation tool.


Infographics: Where information meets the eye

A couple web based tools this week for creating infographics. An infographic is a visual representation of information. gives you a way to make infographics online.  There are plently of templates to choose from to get started.  Very user friendly.  Check out these that I made here & here. is another free site to create infographics with a variety of templates.  These templates are more data based and the visuals are very appealing. Here is one that I made to represent my redesigned learning space last year.

Let’s Learn Together!

The tools I have for you this week are brand new.  I’ve never used either of these tools but thought I would share and we can learn together!

Tell About This is a new app from the creators of Write About This, which I shared with you before.  Both of these apps were created by @dreambition (Brad Wilson), an educator from Michigan.  I think this would be an awesome tool for elementary kids to get them to tell oral stories, brainstorm, and launch their writing.  Check it out!

Class Kick is a tool that offers instant student feedback.  I like the audio/video feature and peer collaboration.  This could get more reserved students asking for help.  This would be a great resource that would support blended learning.

Do you Youtube? I do.

These tools are fabulous for those of us who use Youtube videos. Check it out! Want a way to share youtube videos without the potentially inappropriate ads?  Use this tool to filter it all and generate safe links to share with your students.  This tool is super easy to use.  Just a simple copy and paste and voila! You have a safe link to share.

TED-Ed Are you flipping your classroom? You can adapt and edit any lesson on TED-Ed or create your own.  Donʻt know what flipping is? Click here.