Month: December 2014

Coding: Not just for #CSedWeek

The tools of this week are the various tools we have been using for coding aside from

How does this relate to the classroom? Students are reading, sequencing, writing, scaling, counting, measuring, giving directions, following directions, and problem solving when they code.  It’s not just a technology thing!  Below you will see how I scaffolded coding at my school.  In the end, it’s all coding.  Please do not think these tools are exclusive to the grade I taught them too.  Anybody can code using any tool.  Explore them all!

Kindergarten-Bee Bot
First Grade- Kodable
Second Grade-Daisy the Dinosaur and Lego Fix the Factory
Third Grade- Scratch Jr
Fourth Grade-Scratch and Hopscotch
Fifth Grade-Mozilla Webmaker, Codecademy, and Cargo Bot

I wish you all a safe and happy break and holiday season!! 🙂 Code for the holidays using Made with Code by Google


‘Tis the Season

In the spirit of the holiday season, I thought I’d share with you Google’s Santa Tracker.  It’s pretty clever and I think the little ones would really be into it.  Every day opens something new in the interactive town of the north pole.  There are videos, games, simple javascript, global traditions around the world, how to say Santa in different languages, etc.  They also have lessons aligned to the Common Core.

Mozilla’s Popcorn Maker is a free video editing tool that takes out all the hard stuff.  I just taught a colleague how to use this the other day.  Super easy.  It helps you remix web video into a single mashup video.  You can pull content from the web (youtube, vimeo, etc) and add your own comments and links to it.  One of my fellow teachers wants to use it to take clips/segments of certain youtube videos to create her own video that displays various types of dance.

Coding & Computer Science Education Week

Next week is Computer Science Education Week!!!  I am currently in the middle of teaching my K-5 coding units and wanted to spread the word about computer science.  Computer Science Education Week is a week dedicated to computer science so that every student in every school can get a chance to learn computer science.  If you don’t have a ton of time (I get it. I’m a teacher, too.) to dedicate to teaching computer science, at least give your studentsone hour.  If you can gift your students with just an hour of exposure to coding, do it! It’s better than nothing.  I did the Hour of Code with my kindergarten class last year and they LOVED it.  My students were working at home on their own time because they loved it so much. is a fabulous web tool with an abundance of coding and computer science resources.    There are various courses in the Code Studio such as The Hour of Code, Elementary Courses, Intro Courses, and Flappy code.  You can organize your class and get instant feedback on how the kids are doing.  If you don’t feel like setting up a class, no need. You can still do the courses without an account.  Easy for teachers to learn, too.  Do one of the courses yourself!

Happy coding!