Coding: Not just for #CSedWeek

The tools of this week are the various tools we have been using for coding aside from

How does this relate to the classroom? Students are reading, sequencing, writing, scaling, counting, measuring, giving directions, following directions, and problem solving when they code.  It’s not just a technology thing!  Below you will see how I scaffolded coding at my school.  In the end, it’s all coding.  Please do not think these tools are exclusive to the grade I taught them too.  Anybody can code using any tool.  Explore them all!

Kindergarten-Bee Bot
First Grade- Kodable
Second Grade-Daisy the Dinosaur and Lego Fix the Factory
Third Grade- Scratch Jr
Fourth Grade-Scratch and Hopscotch
Fifth Grade-Mozilla Webmaker, Codecademy, and Cargo Bot

I wish you all a safe and happy break and holiday season!! 🙂 Code for the holidays using Made with Code by Google


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