Google Chrome Extensions

The tool I have for you with week are Google Chrome Extensions.  When you open Chrome, if you click on on the Apps on the left hand side at the top (the favicon looks like colorful tiny squares) and click store you can findChrome Extensions.  Thanks to John Sowash (@jrsowash), one of my favorites that I find to be very practical is the URL shortener (and its FREE).  When you add the extension, it shows up right next to the omibar.  When you click it, it automatically gives you the shortened URL for the page you are on and a QR code.  Explore other extensions, too!  Which one is your favorite?  I’d love to check it out.

Just a quick tidbit about Google Chrome.  For those of you who may be “tab happy” like me and accidentally close tabs that you didnʻt want to close, I have a solution!  If you right click (two finger click) on the tab you can “pin tab”.  It removes the little “x” to prevent you from accidentally closing it.  If you want to “unpin tab”, just two finger click the tab again and choose “unpin tab”.  A shortcut to get an accidentally closed tab back is “Command Shift T”.

Also, check this one out —-> Googleʻs Search Education site is awesome! I encourage you to do a Google a Day Challenges in your classroom!


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