Stay Connected With Your PLN

The tech tool for this week is Voxer and Twitter.  These are two tools that I use frequently to connect with my PLN (personal learning network).  I highly encourage you to get on Twitter at least and connect with other educators.  This is an easy way to stay globally connected, learn the latest trends in education, and more.  You can participate in educational chats such as #edchathi or #miched to see what other educators are doing.  You don’t even need to be a participant of a chat but can learn a lot from just reading.  If you already have an account, great.  I challenge you to be more active on twitter then!

Voxer, is a walkie talkie app.  It allows you to send pictures, leave voice messages, and send texts.  So how is it repurposed for education?  It is great mobile messaging for teams.  I personally use it to stay connected with my PLN.  I have group messages with educators from Michigan and my colleagues from MSU.  I also have private (between me and one other person) messages going with single educators and for personal use with family members.

Did you know?
You can just type into the Google search bar, “set a timer for 10 minutes” and it will pop up.  No need to go to another website!


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