Start a Conversation

Here are two tools that can be used to facilitate conversations and discussion in the classroom.

Padlet An easy free tool that provides instant collaboration because you can see everyones activity on the wall intstantly .  It has privacy settings, which makes it a great tool to use in the classroom.  Multimedia can be pasted up to the board and there are several fun layouts.  You have the option to embed a wall onto your blog or website.

Today’s Meet A way to connect with your audience through the use of a backchannel.  This is a free tool and it allows audience members to ask questions and discuss.  It is nice to use this in class because it may bring out voice in your more reserved students.

I have used Padlet as a form of an exit ticket, informative assessment, for brainstorming, etc. in the classroom. I embed all my pads onto my blog so that we can revisit them later.  You can also change the editing permissions on them so that students can only submit when the editing feature is on.  Tip: One way to hold students accountable is to have them put their name on their note.

In Google Chrome, you can use the keyboard shortcut ctrl+shift+T (command+shift+T for mac users) to reopen the last tab you’ve closed.  Chrome remembers the last 10 tabs you’ve closed.


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