Typing Resources

This week I have web tools that will help students become better typers.  Handwriting, spelling, and math facts do not come overnight.  Students need to practice on a daily basis.  The same goes for typing.  If students can type properly, they can become more efficient at getting their work done when using technology.

That being said, it is also important for students to be able to type on a computer as well as their iPad.  Since the iPad has the assistive technology of the keyboard, students can also type efficiently with their thumbs.  It all is really of preference. Regardless, students need to know keyboard orientation and become efficient typers without looking.  Please do not think that this is just for lower elementary.  Even I still need to work on my typing, as an adult.

Below are some suggested tools to help students practice typing skills.  We work on this in my class, however, the consistency piece is not there.  I only see the kids every twelve days.  If students only practiced typing every 12 days, that would be similar to only reading once every 12 days.  This could be a simple thing kids can work on when they are finished with assignments early, even if it is only for five minutes.

Dance Mat Typing
Learning Games for Kids (this one has several different games)
Typing Test


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