Plan your lessons digitally using Planboard

I know many of you already have your systems in place for lesson planning, but I thought I’d share this tool with you anyways for maybe something you can use next year.  All of your lesson plans are digital.

Planboard is a great place to do your lesson plans because you can sign up for free using your Google+ account.  This tool allows you to share your schedule with others, set off days, attach files for your lesson plans, allows you to add standards to your lessons, and it makes it easy to edit.

I am looking into using this tool in the future because having my lesson plans available to me digitally is important.  I am also a very visual person and the color coding of the classes really helps me, as a specials teacher.  I’ve had my system in place of creating my hard copy of my lessons, creating a template, printing them off, filling them in, and keeping them in a binder.  This tools would help eliminate a few steps in my process and allows me to still print off my lessons when I’m done planning so that I still have my hard copy (should technology fail).

You can conduct research within Google Docs or Presentations.  If you click on Tools at the top and then click Research, you can find information, images, quotes, citations, and more, and then quickly insert them into your document.


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