Sphere: A new way to see the world

A tool I wanted to share with you this week is Sphere.  I heard Jim Sill talk about the Ricoh Theta camera during his keynote at Hawaiʻi Island Technology Conference last week and I immediately knew I would share Sphere with you this week.

The Ricoh Theta is a camera that can capture 360 degree pictures.  Sphere allows us to capture 360 photos on our mobile devices and iPads.  Third and fourth graders have used Sphere during our Global Collaboration units in my classes.  Students were able to share spheres with other schools and view a collection of spheres from around the world.  This app uses the technology of augmented reality because when you hold up the device and point it in front of you, it will display what would really be in front of you as if you were standing in the middle of Paris looking at the Eiffel Tower.  As you spin, the experience moves so it is like you are actually standing in that part of the world.

Here are some of our favorite spheres….
The Heart of Campus

The other great perk is that Sphere is FREE!


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