Design Thinking

The tools I am sharing with you this week fall into the genre of design thinking.

City X Project  is a design workshop for creative problem solving and design thinking.  This workshop is a great introduction to 3D design and supports Maker Education and STEM learning.  My fourth graders are in the middle of this project right now.  Some 3D design softwares that students can get on their iPads include AutoDesk 123D andTinkerplay.  A good web based program to use is Tinkercad.

Pixel Press Floors  is An app that enables you to create your own video game by drawing on paper.  This app supports the design thinking process and is easily relatable to academics such as story elements and mathematics.  It is possible to design in app, as well.  They also have lessons and an educator mailing list.  My second graders are using this in Technology class to learn about Design Thinking.

You could be using Google Docs for collaborative student note taking.  I know many of you share things between teacher and student on Google Docs, but are you maximizing the potential for collaboration and having students create and share with each other?


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