Live Broadcasts

I am sharing a few tools with you this week.  Brand new tools to both you and I.  Staying up with the “latest and greatest” or “fad” technologies is extremely challenging.  It is important that we try our best to because our students are exposed it it just as quickly (and sometimes faster) as we are.

Periscope lets you broadcast live video to the world. Going live will instantly notify your followers who can join, comment and send you hearts in real time.  You can also make broadcasts available to replay within 24 hours.  I think the tool can be very powerful if used appropriately.  I also think that this digital tool opens up a whole new realm for cyber bullying.  Many educators are beginning to use it but when I looked into it, I found other people using it for inappropriate matters.  The reason I’m sharing this tool is so we can all A)be aware of it, because I’m sure our kids soon will be or already are and B)see the affordances and risks of certain technologies.  I hope this gets you thinking.

Meerkat is very similar to Periscope because it allows you to tweet live video.  Everything that happens on here happens on twitter.  There are no replays with Meerkat, however.  Everyone can watch the live streams on the web.

KIK is a messaging medium that many of our students are using.  I personally have no experience using it but I know that the keiki do and again, like I said, we just need to be aware.


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