Fishbowl Mock Interviews

On Friday, my colleagues and I were given the opportunity to view some mock interviews for educational technology related positions.  Everyone in the MAET Overseas program applied for one of the job postings.  This was a great time to brush up our cover letter writing skills and refine our resumes and portfolios.  Three students were selected to be interviewed fishbowl style, where the rest of their colleagues could watch.  Some students were also selected to be on the interviewing committee.  The entire job search process was very open and transparent.

For me, it was really nice to see the live interviews because I could really take note of what types of questions were being asked for these types of positions that I may consider actually applying to in the future.  I also feel like I now have experience being on a search committee because we were able to generate a list of questions to ask candidates.  It was good to brush up my resume, but it will also be beneficial to be able to take a look at other resumes that were submitted.

The three positions that were interviewed for were Visiting Faculty, Educational Technology Consultant, and Director of Academic Technology.  I gained a lot of insight especially from the interview for the Director of Academic Technology position. The verbiage that the candidate used was impeccable and powerful.  I think this really leveraged her chances to get the job offer because she illustrated a sophisticated image of herself.

Examining the interviews afterwards was really useful.  Not only was there open and honest feedback, but we also were given suggestions and tips for if and when we are in these particular situations.  I have two major take aways from this fishbowl mock interview experience.  First, Dr. Cary Roseth said, “people remember how you make them feel”.  This seems so simple but I believe it to be true.  Second, Mike DeShryver voiced his opinion that our digital portfolios should be our vision.  It shouldn’t look like our portfolios were created just to get a job or just because it was a requirement for a class.  I felt that I walked away from the fishbowl mock interviews with new skills and strategies to boost my professional character.


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