Month: October 2015

Twitter for PD

I found out about this PD event via Twitter.  Isn’t it great to be a connected educator?!  I figured I’d share this as my #TTTuesdays  this week.  Some hashtags you can explore on Twitter also are #edumindset  and#growthmindset .  I’m taking a look at #growthmindset  on Twitter with the students since that is my hope and dream for them this year.  EdCamp hashtags are good ones to explore too.  Can’t be at a conference? Check out the hashtag and join the conversation!  If you’d like to know more about this navigation of Twitter for PD please don’t hesitate to ask. 🙂



Sorry for the delay!  I forgot to post this yesterday.  Draftback is a plugin for chrome that I like to use and it’s great to see how much a student has worked on their assignment.  It gives you document stats and data, but my favorite is just the playback option.  Who copy and pasted their whole paper? Who worked on it for one day? Who worked on it over multiple days?  Draftback says it all.  The kids don’t know I use this.  It is a great teacher tool.  Check it out! #TTTuesdays

Build With Chrome

The tool I have for you this week is Build With Chrome.  This web based tool allows students to build with legos on Google Maps.  How could you use this to enhance your lessons?  I can think of ways to make this work for math, reading, writing, and geography.  Students can use their Google accounts to use this tool too!  Some of the Maker Club kids know about it but anyone can do it. 🙂 #TTTuesdays