IMUA Challenge

I am very fortunate to work for Kamehameha Schools.  The staff, resources, facilities, support, and benefits are definitely not to be taken for granted.  I am very thankful for all the opportunities for growth professionally and personally.  We benefit from an amazing wellness program here.  I can take yoga classes twice a week, workout with a trainer in the high school aerobics room 5 days a week, swim in the pool before or after school, run or bike on campus, and get monthly wellness newsletters ALL FOR FREE.  The fact that they encourage and support wellness here is amazing.

Just recently, I joined the IMUA challenge.  I am on a team with 3 other coworkers at the elementary school.  The challenge is not only campus wide, but district wide.  All 3 campuses are participating in the challenge.  It is a choice, but why wouldn’t I take advantage of this amazing resource?!  So far I’ve learned that wellness isn’t just the physical.  Wellness encompasses exercise, nutrition, mental and spiritual wellbeing.  It’s been great motivation working with my teammates but also working with other teams on our campus.

At first I was terrified to go workout with Matt, the trainer at the high school because this was something new to me.  Though, I’ve been enjoying the Tabata workouts and I can feel change in my body.  It’s fun and short and I think it will only help me grow as a triathlete.  I’ve also learned about nutrition.  It’s nothing new to me because my mom has taught me a lot about nutrition but hearing it again has helped remind me of how I should be nourishing my body.

Just before I joined the challenge, I also was exploring new hashtags to learn from on Twitter for Connected Educators Month.  This was also a part of a challenge at my school (#kshcem15).  Isn’t the culture here awesome?!  Anyways, I discovered #HealthyEd.  You should check it out too.

I am thankful for the IMUA Challenge.


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