Month: December 2015

Advanced Search Tools

Did you know Google has advanced search tools? These are useful for teachers as we plan and for students as they work on projects and conduct research. Check out this video. #TTTuesdays


Reflecting on a Great Year of Learning

Usually, I reflect on my year and write a note to myself in my Evernote or on my Facebook.  As I started to reflect on my year, I realized a lot has happened for me in the education world and I just had to write a blogpost.  This is also probably the reason I haven’t been blogging as much as I would have liked because I’ve been super busy (aren’t we all?).  I am so thankful for my own education and the opportunities I have to educate children.  I learned a lot in 2015.  Here’s what happened…

  • I got to share my music skills with the 1st grader in their music class with Cindy Debus.  I played my clarinet, my saxophone, and shared my Spartan Marching Band experience with them.
  • We skyped with schools in Tahiti, Mexico, California, Big Island and Michigan (of course)
  • I met Dr. Catherine Steiner-Adair when she visited our campus in February and was able to reconnect with her when she came back in October.  She even wanted to quote me on a story I shared of my sister and I playing “manual instant messaging” growing up (we wrote notes to each other on the same piece of paper).
  • I got to meet Angela Maiers when she visited our campus in March
  • Reshan Richards skyped with one of our 5th Grade classes in March and I got to meet him when he visited our campus in person in September
  • I co-presented at Michigan Association of Computer Users in Learning Conference (MACUL) with Mary Wever on Augmented Reality
  • I presented on Making and Coding at Hawai’i Island TechEd Collaboration Conference (HITC) (and I connected Kamehameha Schools with Brad Waid & Drew Minock and they came to Hawai’i!)
  • I got to meet Kandance Logan when she came to campus for Responsive Classroom workshops
  • I presented on Making and Coding at the Kamehameha Schools EdTech Conference in Honolulu (and I connected Kamehameha Schools with Mary Wever and she came to Hawai’i!)
  • Mary and I went to listen to Daniel Pink speak at Punahou School and we got to meet him
  • I learned about Lego Stop Motion from Shane Asselstine at the Kamehameha Schools EdTech Conference and connected with him later in the year to become trained in and Minecraft
  • I started the #EdChatHI Voxer group with Karen Corbell
  • I helped plan and presented at the Global Resources in Education and Technology Conference (GREAT) in Galway, Ireland
  • I graduated with my Master’s Degree in Educational Technology from Michigan State University in Galway, Ireland
  • I got to play clarinet and bass clarinet in the orchestra for West Side Story at Kamehameha Schools
  • We got to learn with SEVERAL different new technology tools: Sphero, Dash, Ozobots, Google Classroom, Minecraft EDU, Makerbot, 3Doodler, Little Bits, Snap Circuits, Squishy Circuits, Paper Circuits, Makey Makeys, etc.
  • We participated in the Doodle 4 Google contest
  • The KS Makers program more than doubled in size! We even had visitors from some DOE schools to check out our model for our makerspace so they can begin to launch programs at their schools.
  • I participated in the IMUA challenge at work and learned about wellness
  • One of our 5th Grade classes did a project on #TheGreatListen
  • I helped lead a coding workshop with Carmen Richardson at our campus
  • I get to experience my second Founder’s day at Kamehameha Schools.  This is a VERY cool day to be a part of and I am looking forward to Friday.  What a privilege it is to work for Kamehameha Schools Hawaiʻi.

I’m sure I missed plenty of things that have happened over the past year but these are the ones that stuck with me.  Man, do I feel blessed.  2015, you were so good to me.  Here’s to a new year full of even more learning!