Google Tour Builder

Check out Google’s Tour Builder.  IT’S SO COOL! You could totally create lessons using this or even have students create a project.  I’ve already created a few stories to use in class.  I’ve always used Google Earth and Google Maps with my students but this tool totally kicks it up a notch.

I’ve been doing virtual field trips with my students in a variety of ways using several different tools (Just to name a few: Build With Chrome, Sphere 360, web quests/online scavenger hunts) because I think that it is a great way to meaningfully connect to content.  I plan on having my third grade students use My Maps to create a map that summarizes all of our Dream Vacation project destinations.  But, now I’m already remixing my Dream Vacation project for next year and think that Google’s Tour Builder is going to be a piece of it.  It has many of the multimedia elements (maps, text, photo, video) I look for in order to enhance a lesson.

Another great resource to check out is Google Map’s education page.


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