Makawalu: A 5th Grade Capstone Project

What I witnessed today was amazing.  The fifth graders at my school presented their Makawalu Project to younger peers.  It was set up as a live museum and students dressed up based on their research project.  From my understanding, they tied in Native Hawaiian, Native American, and European views into their projects and shared how they connect.  I give kudos to Karyl AhHee and Corrina Kay for planning such an amazing learning experience for our students. Not only was the topic and content of the project fun and engaging, but they covered so many learning goals.  The presentation of all the projects was magnificent.  I could tell the students worked really hard on their projects because each and every one of them were dense and overflowing with information. Students had great interaction and activities planned for their peers to engage with their presentations.  It was definitely not a “sit and get” ordeal.  Every student shared knowledge in their own unique ways.  Seeing them present to their younger peers made me proud for some reason. I can’t really explain why, but that is how I felt.  Watching their interaction and leadership was incredible.  I was blown away.

The nerd in me just needs to tell you all about things I was totally geeking out about and super excited to see.  As a technology teacher and maker, I was overwhelmed with the creativity I saw. There was a variety of high tech and low tech.  I saw homemade costumes, posters designed with great aesthetics and piled with information, business cards, green screen videos, QR codes, augmented reality, puzzles, building with blocks, word searches, lassos, musicians, dancers, food, homemade props, Sphero, artwork, drawing, acting, arts and crafts, trivia games, interactive maps, and the list goes on.  The variety was unreal.  All stakeholders were engaged and immersed in a rich learning environment.  Bravo papa ‘elima!


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