Month: September 2016

Global Cardboard Challenge

The 5th Annual Global Cardboard Challenge is this month and commences on October 1st.  This challenge gives kids an opportunity to make anything they can dream of using cardboard and other recycled materials.  It is a great challenge that supports maker education, STEAM, recycling, imagination and most of all, creativity! Take a look at the #cardboardchallenge on Twitter to see how people are participating all over the globe.

Learn more about this project and the value of creativity here.  Just because this global event is taking place now, doesn’t mean you can’t do this activity with your class later in the school year.  My students and I did our cardboard projects in February.  Here are just a few projects some of my former students made.

What will your students make? Could they even take it a step further and “hack” their cardboard projects?  You’ll only know if you give it a try.


Doodle 4 Google

The Doodle 4 Google Contest opens tomorrow! This contest is great to do with your students because it fosters creativity and imagination. My students and I have participated in this contest in the past and it was very rewarding. They were able to  learn a little more about what happens behind the scenes at Google.  None of our doodles placed, but it was still an awesome global activity to be a part of. Students learned about a job they didn’t even know existed; Google Doodler.  Students also learned about the history of Google Doodles.  You could tie this into any subject area.  I recommend doing this activity with your students this year!f0daa108-9e50-4a80-8146-223421b03a84



Breakout EDU

Happy first day of school!  Today also happens to be Tools & Tips Tuesday!  This week I have a tool for you called Breakout EDU.  This tool helps you transform your classroom into an escape room.  I love this tool because it is a motivating way launch units of study, deliver content, and get students working together to problem solve. The Breakout EDU Facebook Group is a great community to be a part of.  Educators are constantly coming up with new ideas and ways to create lessons, locks, clues, etc.  Don’t worry if you don’t have a Breakout EDU kit of your own.  You can order one from their website or create one on your own.  There are always ways to make digital Breakout EDU lessons, too.  breakout-edu