Global Cardboard Challenge

The 5th Annual Global Cardboard Challenge is this month and commences on October 1st.  This challenge gives kids an opportunity to make anything they can dream of using cardboard and other recycled materials.  It is a great challenge that supports maker education, STEAM, recycling, imagination and most of all, creativity! Take a look at the #cardboardchallenge on Twitter to see how people are participating all over the globe.

Learn more about this project and the value of creativity here.  Just because this global event is taking place now, doesn’t mean you can’t do this activity with your class later in the school year.  My students and I did our cardboard projects in February.  Here are just a few projects some of my former students made.

What will your students make? Could they even take it a step further and “hack” their cardboard projects?  You’ll only know if you give it a try.


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