Thing-a-ma-jig, thing-a-ma-bob, thingmy, ThingLink!

ThingLink is a great tool to use to spice up presentations, lesson materials, handouts, you name it.  It allows you to annotate video, images, and 360/VR content to make them interactive.  Things that you can link to (ba-dum-ching!) could be maps, text, other images and videos, links, and audio.  After a thinglink is created, it allows you to view statistics on engagement with your particular thinglink.  Images are free and the video and 360/VR are features of the paid versions.  These are a great way to share thinking and learning that is happening in your classroom.  To push your thinking, I’d like to challenge you to think about how you could make a tool like this work for you in your context.

Here are a few examples of ThingLinks I made…

My journey of global opportunities.

I created this ThingLink to show the amount of information you can gather from 140 characters.

This is a ThingLink I made when I presented on AR at MACUL with Mary Wever.




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