Month: May 2017

Mozilla Learning

Mozilla Learning has several teaching activities that help teach internet health, privacy basics and web literacy skills.  The activities support the 21st century skills of problem solving, communication, creativity and collaboration.  Check out @MozLearn on Twitter for more info.


Kaizena & Smarty Pins

Kaizena is an add-on you can use in google docs to give voice recorded comments and feedback to students work.  Check out@KaizenaHQ on Twitter to see more.
Students finishing work early? Have them try out Smarty Pins.  It is a trivia game that is linked to google maps and they can choose from different categories/topics of trivia. 

Touchcast & Everfi

Touchcast is a video creation tool that allows you to create interactive videos.  This is a free iPad app that helps with engaging the Youtube generation.  I used this app at the beginning of the year when I shared this video with you.  It works well as a free green screening tool, even if you don’t want to utilize the interactive piece of it. Check out @Touchcastedu on Twitter to see how other educators are leveraging this tool.
Everfi is promoting Hockey Scholar, which teaches STEM concepts through the game of hockey. Students who complete at least one 15-20 minute module and submit a reflection by May 12 will be entered to win a STEM scholarship! Here’s more info on the scholarship and a curriculum guide. If you are interested in Everfi, here is an educator’s quick start guide.