Month: June 2017

Summer Learning Resources

Have you heard of  It’s a free e-library full of free resources.  There are games for all grade levels, college prep help, resources for staff of all grade levels. There are so many resources! Check out their summer guide here:

Some other great summer resources to share:

  1. Camp Wonderopolis
  3. 13 Reasons Why Digital Citizenship Matters This is great for parents, students, and teachers.

Learning Google

Check out Google’s free technology curriculum for your classroom.  Help your students succeed online and apply their digital skills to real life problems.

If you’re looking for some technology learning to do over the summer, consider going through the Google training courses:

You’ll learn how to use Google tools to increase efficiency, inspire student learning and creativity, and engage in professional growth and leadership.  These courses are completely FREE and you are not required to take the certification test at the end.