Google Trips & Google Translate

This week I am sharing Google Trips with you. This tool helps you plan your next trip. While this is a tool that many of us can utilize in our personal lives outside of school, it is also a tool that can be applied in the classroom setting. Skills to plan a trip are very realistic and often involve research, math, science and more. Where are you going to go? When is the best time to go? What will this trip cost? What is the weather like? What should you pack? What is the language spoken? Cuisine? History? Culture? Currency? Transportation? Things to see? You can learn a lot when planning for a trip.

Google applied digital skills has several activities and lessons that help develop technology skills needed for real-world application like this. One example that supplements the idea of travel is an activity to help organize data to create an area guide.

Google Tip: Google Translate

Google Translate is a tool that has the ability to translate text or voice. You can save most needed translations for your trip also.  To do this, look up a word or phrase in the app, tap the star icon to save it to your phrasebook.

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