Holy moly ISTE! The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference was a blast.  I’m still in the midst of processing it all and letting it soak in.  It was an absolute joy to run into friends and meet new people.  I even ran into my old boss from Kamehameha Schools!  So much learning happened and it sparked so many ideas.  I have quite a long list of aspirations and things I’d like to do in the upcoming school year.  It is taking me a long time to synthesize my notes, tweets, photos, and digital handouts.  As I go through it all, there are many things I want to hold myself accountable to.  The ISTE conference has me motivated and eager to make it all happen.  At first, I felt overwhelmed and just needed to pick a starting point.

I’ve spent the last couple days getting organized and prioritized.  Now, I’m hitting the ground running. The first thing I’m holding myself accountable to is changing the way I will conduct some upcoming professional development sessions.   ISTE has given me so much to work with and I’m very thankful that I was able to attend.  Many thanks to Oakland Schools for supporting me in many different capacities, especially with my professional growth endeavors!

Some fun facts about my first ISTE ever:

  1. There was a giant ball pit!
  2. I presented! TWICE! Stefanie Cairns and I presented a session called Gamestorming TPACK and we were invited to speak at an ISTE Bytes session.
  3. I acquired 54 stickers from the Expo.






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