Flipgrid & Google Applied Digital Skills

The tools I have to share with you this week are Flipgrid and Google Applied Digital Skills. Flipgrid is a video discussion tool that can also be leveraged for digital formative assessment. You can also collaborate globally using the hashtag #GridPals. The best part is that Flipgrid is totally FREE now! Google Applied Digital Skills is a project based video curriculum that utilizes G Suite tools to teach technology skills that will prepare students for the workforce. All of these lessons are also FREE!

If you are looking for resources to teach about 9/11, which is coming up next week, here are some 9/11 Lesson Plans from the 9/11 Memorial and Museum. These are sorted by grade level.

Google Tip: Creating Templates in G Suite

Simply grab the link of the file and change the end of the URL.  Replace where it says “edit” and anything to the right of it with “template/preview”. Take a look at the end of the URL below.


By doing this, you do not need to share the original file with others and when they click the “Use Template” button it adds a copy to their own drive.  Any changes they make will not appear in owner’s original file. TRICKY!

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