AI Experiments by Google

The tools I have to share with you this week are from AI experiments by Google. You may even recognize some of these, as I know some were used in classrooms last year.  But what you probably didn’t know is that these experiments use artificial intelligence and machine learning! Semantris, Emoji Scavenger Hunt, Thing Translator, and Mystery Animal are a few of my favorites.

If you are looking for resources to teach about Constitution Day, which is coming up next week, here are some Lesson Plans from the National Constitution Center.

If you are looking for Dot Day Resources, which is this weekend, here are some resources to help celebrate creativity and collaboration.

Breakout EDU has some news and updates. You can read about them here. Also, to make a twist on these digital escape rooms, check out this blog post about #QRBreakIN. How fun and exciting does that sound?!

Google Tip: Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a G Suite tool that can be leveraged in a variety of ways for educators and students. When you sign up, Google Calendar MAGICALLY creates a virtual call link in the calendar event.

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