AR & VR Experiments by Google

The tools I have to share with you this week are from AR and VR Experiments by Google.  Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality tools are becoming more and more prevalent. Mixed realities provide us with another way to be creative with engaging students. Just a line and Access Mars are a couple of my favorites.

Google Tip: Youtube Playlists

A playlist is a collection of videos that you can curate under a single link. This is a great feature for educators when they want students to be watching certain videos. It eliminates the need for the student to look search for the video on their own. Start with viewing a video you want in the playlist. Underneath that video, click Add to + and click on Create new playlist. Enter the playlist name. Use the drop-down menu to select the playlist’s privacy setting and click Create. I recommend selecting Unlisted. This is like when we say “anyone with the link can view” in other G Suite tools. To get the link to your playlist, click on the playlist in the left-hand side under Library. Copy the URL in the omnibox and share it out or post on Google Classroom. Students will be able to see any video you add to the playlist as the year progresses.

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