Digital Citizenship Resources & Gmail Translate Feature

The tools I have to share with you this week are resources to help teach Digital Citizenship.  Digital Citizenship is important to teach so that students can develop the skills and knowledge to effectively use technology and participate responsibly. There are many resources available for teaching this topic. Some Everfi Courses include Ignition, Commons, Say Something, Honor Code and Character Playbook. Google also has a curriculum called Be Internet Awesome. If you are looking for more of a scope and sequence sorted by grade level, Common Sense Media is a good place to start. These Facebook Lessons can be tweaked for any social media. Lastly, check out #DigCitCommit on social media.

Google Tip: Gmail Translate Feature

This feature is especially helpful when it comes to communicating with ELL students and families. They can write emails to you in their native language. When the message hits your inbox, open the message and click on the 3 dots, choose Translate Message.

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