Soundtrap & Talk to Books

The tool I have to share with you this week is Soundtrap. This is a tool that enables teachers to enhance teaching and learning with music, podcasts, language, literacy training, and other recordings. Soundtrap works on any device and is a collaborative environment where students can develop their own creative communication skills. Think of it as the Google Doc for sounds and recording. They have a free 30 day trial, which could be enough to do a single project with your students over the course of a month. I’m happy to help you out with implementing this and the students love it!

Talk to Books is an AI experiment from Google that will allow you to browse through passages from books. For example, I can search “is music healthy” and the results will show me books that have passages in them related to my search or question.  This is a creativity tool that helps explore ideas and discover books by pulling quotes from its database of books. This tool could be leveraged as an interesting twist to a research project.

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