Computer Sciences resources & Google Slides Background Trick

The tools I have to share with you this week are all coding resources for Computer Science Education Week, which is the first week of December. and are both good places to start to find activities. They are easy to sort through by grade level and subject area, as well as what technology you’ll be using for the activity. I also recommend taking a look at Made With Code by Google and Mozilla Web Literacy. Remember that computer science and computational thinking can be taught as unplugged activities. This can also be taught anytime of the year, you aren’t limited to CSEd Week. Please reach out if you need any help planning or implementing coding activities with your class!

Google Tip: How to lock the background on a template in Google Slides

Set the background on any given slide to a photo. To make a template that includes graphic organizers, you can create the graphic organizer in Google Drawings and save the file as an image. This is helpful when you want students to work off of a template but not change the formatting.  All they need to do to “fill it in” is add text boxes over the area they need to type in. View this demo.

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