Peardeck & Google Slides Q & A

The tool I have to share with you this week is Peardeck. It is built to work with G Suite and is a great addition to Google Slides. Peardeck helps make your slides presentations more interactive. Students can join your presentation session/lesson by joining with a code. The slides are then pushed out to display on participant screens. It allows students to submit responses to tasks on any given slide. This is a great tool to do checks for understanding. The best part is that this is free!

Google Tip: Q & A Session with Google Slides

If you click the dropdown carrot next to the Present button on Google Slides and choose Presenter View, you can use the Audience Q & A tool to involve participants. Click on Audience Tools to start a new session. This will generate a banner across the top of your slides with a short link for your audience to visit. As you present, your audience can ask questions. My favorite thing about this feature is that it was designed by a student! 

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