Story Speaker & Goals in Google Calendar

This week I am sharing another Google Experiment with you called Story Speaker. It uses voice to create interactive stories. This can be great for writing units and speaking skills. To get Story Speaker, get the Google Docs Add-on. Start from scratch or use a template to guide you through creating a story. This can be a fun activity to do with students whole group, in small groups, or individually.
Google Tip: Goals in Google Calendar

Google Calendar can help you set goals for yourself! These goals could be personal and/or professional. As we reflect on this school year and come up with goals for next year, this is the perfect tool to help hold us accountable for achieving our goals. To use the goals feature within Google Calendar, open the Google Calendar app on your mobile device, in the bottom right, tap “+”, tap Goal, choose a category or create a custom goal, follow the prompts, tap done. Sessions automatically add to your calendar and when life gets in the way, Google calendar will add it to another available time in your schedule. Check out their commercial here.

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