Google Data Studio

The tool I have to share with you this week is Data Studio. Google Data Studio is a platform that helps visualize data via interactive dashboards. Google Sheets connects seamlessly with this tool and is great for creating easy to read and easy to share reports. Here is an example of an interactive report. Change the filters to view visuals of different data. Think about how transformative this can be for reading logs and other educational data we track! If you are interested in using Data Studio and need support, don’t hesitate to reach out. Take a look at this reading example.

More googliness:

  • Update coming soon to closed captioning in Google Slides! This update will allow you to customize the caption text size and position when you are presenting in Google Slides. Select the dropdown menu next to the Captions button on the toolbar to utilize this feature.
  • 👻Have a Google Home or use Google Assitant? Try this command “Hey, Google! Get spooky.” and get an hour-long playlist of spooky sounds and music.
  • 🎃Here is a Halloween Magnetic Poetry template from Kasey Bell

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