Accessibility with Chromebooks

The tips I have to share with you this week are some accessibility features. Remember that accessibility is a benefit for everyone, not just students with an IEP.

1. Student chromebooks have the ability to read aloud any text on the screen by enabling the select to speak feature. They can also enable the dictation tool to speak to type.

2. This Chromebook simulator is a helpful tool to use to model the steps to turn on accessibility features. Keep in mind that some topics in this simulator, such as printing, do not pertain to the district setup.

3. You can utilize live closed captioning in google slides while you are presenting to the class. To do this, open an existing slide presentation and click Present. In the bottom panel toolbar that shows up in presentation mode, click Captions and allow microphone access. Start speaking. You can also customize the caption text size and position by selecting the dropdown menu next to the Captions button on the toolbar. Closed captioning features are also built into Youtube and Hangouts Meet.

Check out the Tools for Diverse learners course in the Google Teacher Center and the EDU in 90 episode below to learn more about built-in accessibility features for chromebooks. Did you know you can adjust the playback speed of a YouTube video? Click on the gear in the bottom right hand corner of the video to customize the video playback speed. Accessibility!

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