Distance Learning Week #5

For families looking for more at home extension resources:

Choice Boards:
Choice boards can be a great way to elicit student voice and choice during distance learning. This is a great way to integrate no-internet remote learning activities. Some examples of unplugged activities include reading, exercising, making something, drawing, writing, etc. You can have your choice board include a blend of unplugged activities and activities with technology. Here is a simple template that you can edit to make your own.

Managing screen time:
I’m sure many of you are feeling the after effects of too much screen time. I want to remind you to use the 20/20/20 rule when you are spending extended periods of time in front of your devices. Here is how the 20/20/20 rule works: After spending 20 minutes staring at your screen, take a 20 second break and look at something 20 feet away. This will relax your eye muscles. Set a timer (or try out one of these extensions: Timer & Stopwatch, Move It, or Water Reminder). Some other good habits for managing screen time is to not be on a screen an hour before bed, use dark mode for less blue light, take time to unplug and find balance.

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