Distance Learning Week #7

Adding photos to a Google Form:

Google Forms gives you the option to include photos and/or videos. This can be helpful for flipped assignments. Photos can also be included in the answers. This can be especially helpful for emergent readers.


Verify students did their own work in Google Classroom:

When you are looking at student work and you feel like you’re reading the same responses over and over, copy a phrase from the student’s answer and paste it into your search bar in Google Drive. You are the co-owner of the documents, which makes them searchable. Students with the same responses will populate and you can take a closer look. You can also use Draftback or Version History to see if students did a quick copy and paste.


Reuse a comment for feedback:

When you are grading/giving feedback on an assignment in Google Classroom, add comments that you want to reuse to the comment bank. Anything you have added to your comment bank, you can reuse by starting with a # and type in a word from a saved comment in your comment bank. This eliminates the need for copying and pasting.


Curating videos:

Many of you have been looking for methods to curate videos. There are many creative ways to do this. Some options include: adding videos to a shared folder in Google Drive, adding videos to a slide deck with Google Slides, creating an unlisted Youtube playlist. With all of these methods, you only need to share a single link with students.


Edu Protocols:

There are free templates available from Edu Protocols. These protocols are frameworks for a lesson. These can be used for any subject area and grade level. The protocols foster the four C’s.


Distance Learning with Google Earth:

There are many mapping tools from Google. This blog post gives many ideas for using features of Google Earth for learning at home. For more ideas for using Google My Maps & Google Earth, check out my Map That presentation.


Michigan eLibrary:

Michigan eLibrary and MeL Kids have good resources for learning online. Some of my favorite resources are PebbleGo for younger students and Britannica for older students.


Google Educator Group of Michigan:

For those of you interested in connecting with other Google-using educators, check out GEG Michigan. Joining the Google Educator Group of Michigan is a great way to ask questions and learn about updates, news, best practices, and professional development opportunities.

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