Distance Learning Week #8

Collaboration tips with G Suite:

  • Clarity is key when it comes to collaboration. When working in Google Slides, let students know which slide numbers they are responsible for by labeling slides with student names.
  • Utilize version history to see how each group member has contributed to a project.
  • The table feature can be especially helpful to clearly outline and label which area of a document a particular student or group is responsible for. See example below.


How to be innovative in remote learning:

  • Create a game board for a self-paced guided lesson
  • When students are engaging and learning with low tech options, create a way to have them show and tell what they did so that you can still monitor the learning. This can be done on a video call the following day, a picture can be taken and a written reflection can be turned in, they can submit a quick video for a show and tell of what they did, etc.
  • Use these social media templates to engage students


Differentiation in Google Classroom:

Differentiation can and should still happen when you are teaching remotely. You can create multiple versions of an assignment or lesson. Then, you can assign particular versions of that assignment/lesson with specific students in Google Classroom. To assign to specific students in Google Classroom, click on the dropdown that says All Students and only select the ones you want that version of the assignment/lesson to go to.


eLearning best practices:

  • Templates provide consistency for students. Using the same template over and over can help establish routine and work flow.
  • The less clicks, the better. When you are providing links and videos, embed them directly into the google slide/doc/etc.
  • Providing a checklist can be a useful tool for students to make sure they got everything completed.

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