Distance Learning Week #9

Photo Management:

Check out my photo management presentation. As you are creating end of year highlights of this school year, Google Photos can be a helpful tool to create collages, albums, and animations.


Accessibility is for everyone. Check out some of the resources are listed below.

Meaningful Feedback:

Use media to create multi-modal forms of feedback for students. Going beyond text comments can positively impact students’ perception of the quality of feedback. Feedback that feels personalized is more likely to inspire students to continue working to develop their skills.
  • Chrome Capture is a great tool that can help you create GIFs to use for student feedback
  • Using emojis, bitmojis, and badges can be a great way to make feedback more engaging
  • Previous tools I’ve shared including: Talk & comment, Kaizena, and Screencastify can also be leveraged for the purpose of feedback
  • Mote is another voice commenting tool for Google Docs


Gamification can help with student engagement. Many of you have been using Kahoot, Breakout EDU, and utilizing the game board template I shared with you last week. Blow are more resources to use for gamifying learning remotely.

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