Closing out a roller coaster of a school year

This week, I wanted to share some end of year digital clean up tips with you. Just like wrapping up your physical classroom at the end of any school year, it is important to wrap up your digital work. These are suggestions of what you can do to tidy things up so that you return to an organized environment after summer break.


Google Classroom:

  1. Be sure to return all student work. This can be checked under the To-Do page of Google Classroom.
  2. Remove students from old classes, if you prefer not to have students accessing content from your class in the future.
  3. Remove old class calendars in Google Calendar (hide or delete them).
  4. !! DO NOT delete the folder called Classroom !! from your Google Drive. However, you can move or delete subfolders that it contains, as you tidy up your Google Drive.
  5. Archive old classes.

Google Drive/Files:

  1. Backup any files stored locally (ie: Downloads, desktop files, etc) on your device to Google Drive.
  2. When you are back in the district and on the network, save any files from your H: Drive to Google Drive.
  3. Tidy up your Google Drive. Put loose files away into folders/subfolders, address anything left in your priority workspaces, rename or recolor any old folders, etc. Tidying up your email is a good idea, too. Put away loose emails, address anything that may need responses, organize folders.
  4. If you are an exiting or retiring employee, to prevent loss of work, transfer ownership of files to others or add them to a shared drive. To take files with you, by using Google Takeout.

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