Graduate Coursework

great15A lot of thought and hard work goes into planning a conference.  To help organize the Global Resources in Education and Technology Conference I served on the Social Media Committee.  My role in this committee was to promote the conference and provide materials and information via social media.  I connected with educators not only in Ireland, but all around the world. Official Twitter Hashtag: #GREAT15

NUIG by Chris Sloan_edited

Once a learner, always a learner.  I engaged in research and extensive reading to find best practices for teaching elementary aged students how to research.  I have designed a project based learning experience where my third grade students will plan their dream vacation.  My hope is that this learning experience is meaningful to my students and realistic.  My intention is to create an authentic and organic learning experience that is driven by student inquiry.  I found that there are several theories, methods, and frameworks to support my endeavors.

Research to Practice Interactive Academic Paper

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 2.05.27 PM

I was able to present my theory to practice research in a session at the 2015 Global Resources in Education and Technology conference in Galway, Ireland.  This experience helped me grow professionally and connect with amazing educators from around the world.  Feedback from this conference session will help me improve my designed learning experience that I created to teach research and information fluency skills to third grade students.

 Teach Me How to Research Presentation Handout





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