Training Services Portal in Canvas

You are ready for the next steps and leveling up your Canvas game now! The tip I have to share with you today is the Training Services Portal in Canvas. Now that you are in the groove, check out the Training Services Portal, if you haven’t yet. There are many training resources there. If you go to the green sidebar in Canvas and click on Help, you have access to more than just the Canvas Guides, there is also a hyperlink to the Training Services Portal there. Check out courses, videos, and register for live training.

How to Undelete in Canvas

The tip I have to share with you today is how to undelete content in Canvas. If you go to the homepage of the course you deleted content from, in the address bar add “/undelete” to the URL. There you will be able to view and restore deleted items.


*Note that undeleting content differs from Viewing Page History.

Record to Slides

The tool I have to share with you today is called Record to Slides. It is an extension that allows you to add videos directly into your Google slides. This is a useful tool because it allows you to embed yourself onto the slides so students can see and hear you teaching your slides. This is great for emergent readers and useful for providing instruction and expectations on the corresponding slide. You have been doing a fantastic job integrating Google Slides into your Canvas course(s)! This is a great next step and way to enhance those embedded slides.

How to take a picture on a Chromebook

The tip I have to share with you today is how to take a picture on a Chromebook. Many of you have been creating assignments in Canvas that require a File Upload or picture attachment. However, do your students know how to take a photo with their Chromebook? This is a technology skill that you may want to teach before assigning assignments that require picture attachments in Canvas. I made an animated GIF that demonstrates how to do this below. Feel free to share this with students in your Canvas course(s)!

  1. In the corner of their Chromebook screen, select the Launcher.
  2. Open Camera. Then, on the right side, choose an option:
    • Select Photo- Take photo.
    • Select Video- Start recording.

Google Drive Shortcuts & Canvas

The tip I have to share with you today is how to add shortcuts to your Google Drive. The Google LTI integration with Canvas currently does not allow you to select items from Shared with me or Shared Drives. However, if you add a shortcut to your Google Drive, Canvas will be able to retrieve the file. To add a shortcut to your drive, follow these steps:

1. Right-click on the file you want to add to your drive

2. Click on Add shortcut to Drive

3. Select the location where you want to place the shortcut

4. Click Add shortcut

Canvas Announcements & Digital Social Contracts

The tip I have to share with you today is about the Announcements feature of Canvas. Announcements is a great place to be able to send a quick message or to-do list to your class.

Some examples for using Announcements include:

  • Reminding your students what they need to accomplish to stay on track

  • Point students to resources and links
  • Leave a message for the entire class with video or audio comments
  • Building community and routine

Food for thought:

What might a digital social contract look like for your students? Developing a digital social contract with students is a perfect activity to facilitate some discussion around digital citizenship.

Canvas Instructor Resources & Back to School Resources from Google

The Canvas Instructor Guide is a great resource to reference as you are getting comfortable with Canvas. There is a Canvas Teacher App for mobile devices, too.

Back to School resources from Google:

Closing out a roller coaster of a school year

This week, I wanted to share some end of year digital clean up tips with you. Just like wrapping up your physical classroom at the end of any school year, it is important to wrap up your digital work. These are suggestions of what you can do to tidy things up so that you return to an organized environment after summer break.


Google Classroom:

  1. Be sure to return all student work. This can be checked under the To-Do page of Google Classroom.
  2. Remove students from old classes, if you prefer not to have students accessing content from your class in the future.
  3. Remove old class calendars in Google Calendar (hide or delete them).
  4. !! DO NOT delete the folder called Classroom !! from your Google Drive. However, you can move or delete subfolders that it contains, as you tidy up your Google Drive.
  5. Archive old classes.

Google Drive/Files:

  1. Backup any files stored locally (ie: Downloads, desktop files, etc) on your device to Google Drive.
  2. When you are back in the district and on the network, save any files from your H: Drive to Google Drive.
  3. Tidy up your Google Drive. Put loose files away into folders/subfolders, address anything left in your priority workspaces, rename or recolor any old folders, etc. Tidying up your email is a good idea, too. Put away loose emails, address anything that may need responses, organize folders.
  4. If you are an exiting or retiring employee, to prevent loss of work, transfer ownership of files to others or add them to a shared drive. To take files with you, by using Google Takeout.

Distance Learning Week #10

How to subscribe to other Google Calendars:

When you open the link to a Google Calendar, in the bottom right hand corner you will see a +Google Calendar button. By clicking on that button, it will add the calendar to your own.

Summer learning/enrichment resources for students:
These resources below can be shared out with students and families for summer learning.

Summer learning/enrichment resources for staff:

These resources below are for your personal professional growth.