“Meet with” feature in Google Calendar

The technology tip I have to share with you this week is about Google Calendar. You can save time scheduling meetings with fellow coworkers by utilizing the “Meet with…” feature of Google Calendar. Just type in the names of the people with who you want to schedule a meeting, then create an event at a common time that works for all of you.

You can also set your working hours in the settings of Google Calendar so that your colleagues don’t schedule an event outside of your work hours. To do this, go to the Google Calendar Settings, select General, and choose Working Hours.

Choice Board Template

The technology tool I have to share with you this week is a template for creating choice boards. Choice Boards provide a space for student voice and choice, they work well in remote, hybrid, concurrent, and in-person settings. This template is just one example of what a choice board might look like. There are many other templates and ways that you can structure a choice board for your students.

Editing the Master Slide in Google Slides

The technology tip I have to share with you this week is how to edit the master slide in Google Slides. This can be especially helpful when you want to change the font on all of your slides quickly. When you are working on a slide deck, click on Slide, select Edit master, and make your changes accordingly. Other ways you can leverage this feature of Google Slides include adding a common hyperlink to each slide, adding a common image to each slide, altering the colors/theme, or customizing a particular layout.

Google Wellbeing and Common Sense Media text alerts

The resource I have to share with you this week is Wellbeing.Google. Finding a healthy balance with technology is a very important piece of well-being. Great technology should improve life, not distract from it. I challenge you to reflect on your habits and relationship with technology both at work and at home. Understanding your technology habits is the first step to fine-tuning them. What are your technology goals for 2021 both personally and professionally? This resource also has information on digital well-being during COVID-19. This is a good resource to share with families!

If you are the parent of a 3-8-year-old child (or if you have students in that age group) you can sign up for Common Sense Media’s text alerts for tips to help practice media balance at home. This is a good resource to share with families, too.

CSEd Week 2020

Next week is Computer Science Education Week. While CS Ed Week takes place annually, coding can be taught anytime! This is a worldwide effort to learn and advocate for computer science. Did you know the reason it takes place in December is in recognition of the birthday of computing pioneer Admiral Grace Murray Hopper? Learn about how she was a pioneer in developing computer technology.

Use these hashtags on social media when sharing or searching for activities #CSforgood #CSEdWeek #CSforsocialjustice #CSforall #HourofCode

Below are links and tips on how to celebrate CS Ed Week virtually this year:


Zoom Annotation Tools, Split Screen on a Chromebook, Dual Monitors

The tips I have to share with you today are for Zoom Annotation tools, chromebooks, and using dual monitors.

Tip #1: Using Annotation tools during a Zoom

There are many different ways to use annotation tools while in a Zoom with your students. These annotation options coupled with the teacher touch screen laptops is great! Watch this screencast demonstration of the various ways you can annotate while teaching over Zoom in laptop and tablet mode.

Tip #2: How to do Split Screen on a Chromebook

As you continue to help students navigate their chromebooks and have multiple tabs open, you can teach them how to do split screen so that they can see two windows side by side. See the steps below.

  1. On one of the windows you want to see, click and hold Maximize .

  2. Drag to the left or right arrow .

  3. Repeat for a second window.

Tip: You can also use the shortcut Alt + [ to move left, or Alt + ] to move right.

Tip #3:How to use Dual Monitors

Many of you have been asking how to use dual monitors with your laptop. Here is a step by step guide on how to set up dual monitors.

Zoom and Canvas tips

The tips I have to share with you today are for Zoom and Canvas.

Tip #1: Setting Gallery View to show 49 Participants

In Zoom Settings, you can change the maximum amount of participants shown in Gallery View. This can be especially helpful for those of you who teach large classes.

Tip #2: A quick way to move a module to the top

When you add a new module to Canvas it automatically is added to the bottom of your list of modules. You can manipulate the order of your modules by clicking and dragging them into the sequence you want them to appear. However, if you want to quickly move a new module to the top, you can click on the 3 dots (“snowman”) and select Move Module…Then choose At the Top.